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Commercial Collections

In today's economy it is even more important to recover as much lost revenue, and as quickly as possible. At Pioneer Capital Solutions Inc we offer a complete receivables management solution to achieve maximum results in commercial debt recovery. Whether you're looking to compliment your in-house collection efforts, or to reduce your company's costs of recovery by outsourcing, we can help with a variety of professional debt collection services.

With over a combined 20 years experience in commercial collection recovery, and a higher than average recovery rate, you can believe we will do the best job possible for you. There are a number of reasons why customers do not pay in a timely manner, though these are the big three that cause the most problems.

Our commercial collection professionals, along with the skiptracing, and legal departments work diligently to recognize, and solve the issue so you can get paid. They are able to negotiate with your customer professionally and efficiently to resolve the debt and keep the relationship between you and your customer open, should you choose to do business with them in the future.

Our state-of-the-art technology provides client access to account status anytime — day or night. Clients receive a secure login, allowing placement uploads and account activity downloads in a safe and fully secure format. Many agencies limit this service to only their best clients. At Pioneer, we provide this to all of our clients.

We do a complete investigation into your customers credit availability to find payment options. If there are any, we bring them to the table with our credit bureau reporting services. Often times, we provide solutions to the debtor they didn’t even know they had. As a well established agency we are able to utilize a number of methods to get our clients the results they have been hoping for.

Placements can be sent to us via mail, fax or via our secure online portal. Our state of the art technology allows clients to not only place accounts securely via our online portal, but to monitor those accounts anytime day, or night. Contact us today to get the debt recovery process initiated.

Please call 855.712.1999 with any questions or if you would like to make your payment over the phone

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