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Can collection agencies do their job and still be compassionate & helpful?


It’s not very often I get a call from someone thanking us for making a collection call, but yesterday was different. Occasionally I will get a letter from someone thanking the collector they worked with for being understanding and working with them to resolve their bill, but the phone call I got really was different. It was an elderly woman that had been in and out of the hospital for several years. She told me that unfortunately, her bills were stacking up and sometimes didn’t know what to do. Some had gone to collections and others had just sat. She explained that while the other collection agencies she had dealt with weren’t rude, they just didn’t take the time to talk and understand her dilemmas. She went on to say how Becky (the collector she talked with) had not only worked with her, but also helped with a plan to get her other debts under control.  She explained that the plan was a great starting point for her and she hoped to be back on track in the next few years.

It makes me feel very proud to know that not only myself, but our collectors adhere to the term “practice what you preach”. We’re not fooling ourselves in thinking the general public looks favorably at collection agencies, but is nice to know that our collectors can not only be respectful and professional, but be compassionate and understanding at the same time.

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