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Commercial Collections-Not All Agencies Are Created Equally




Commercial Collection Agencies are a specialized debt collection agency that recovers past due revenue from corporations that for one reason or another have defaulted on their obligations. Balances are typically larger than consumer debts. The collectors that work with commercial debt are typically more skilled and thorough than a consumer collector.

The commercial collectors must perform due diligence on every account. This translates to more research prior to making the first phone
call to the past due customer. This also can entail skip-tracing, background checks , corporate structure and any other pertinent information. This requires skilled, patient, and professional commercial collectors.

Commercial Collection Agencies help many businesses recover accounts that are long overdue allowing more time to concentrate on new and
current portfolios. Companies sometimes spend more time on trying to recover revenue that is past due which can end up costing you even more money. It takes your employees time away from current and potential customers which, as you can see, inhibits growth.

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