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Since the stock market crash of 2008-09, businesses in every segment of our economy have been decimated but those that survived found mountains of unpaid debts and as a result competition for survival has become fierce. Bank credit has been slashed. As well, business credit card lines have been cut. This leaves the business owner, especially small business owners, faced with a whole new set of challenges. Cash flow has always been the lifeblood of any business; but in this environment it is critical. Where once it was taken for granted that customers would pay their bills on time, things have changed. Businesses at the other end of your receivables are in the same tight squeeze. Payments are being stretched out to save cash.

Business owners are finding that they must spend an inordinate amount of time trying to recoup their receivables. This limits them in finding new customers or making new purchases. Some owners are trying to do this in-house by assigning an employee in charge of collections. Those savvy owners are turning to professional businesses for their debt collection services.

A top professional business debt collection company has the technology, staff and knowledge for getting your debts paid. The collections team is

skilled in finding the debtor and settling the situation in a diplomatic manner. Once they locate the debtor they know how to use the right language to collect the debt and not offend the customer. Maintaining customer relations is always important, which is why it matters so much to have a responsible collection agency working for you. Just because a client is short on payments or going through a rough time doesn’t mean things won’t pick up again and need your services and products.

Another growing segment of debt collection is in the medical field. With medical costs rising rapidly, medical providers are finding more and more bills going unpaid or delinquent for several months. A professional debt collections company will clean up unpaid bills quickly, keeping cash flow at its optimum. In addition, professionals in this field will work with anyone trying to collect a judgment debt. Here again, we find a growing need. With all of the business failures and bankruptcies that occurred, lawsuits are growing at breakneck speed. Trying to collect judgment debts from these lawsuits requires professional debt collectors.

Pioneer Capital Solutions Inc.  is your debt collection specialist. We offer top rated debt collection services and our team of debt collectors have years of experience in the field. Furthermore we cater to businesses in a variety of fields, so if you are looking for a medical collection agency,  you have come to the right place. No matter what industry your business is involved with, we have the debt collection solutions you have been looking for.

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