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Why Your Company Needs A Business Debt Collector On Its’ Side


Managing cash is important, and having a professional business debt collection agency can help businesses to maintain good customer relations. A business debt collection agency is able to do a lot of the tough work that is required to track down the past clients that still owe a balance and help you get the money your company deserves. Hiring a professional debt collection agency lets businesses get everything else they need done, while the agency works on recovering the past due money. Here at Pioneer Capital Solutions Inc. we have been helping businesses recovery their money for nearly 20 years and we are eager to help you as well.

Once an account is given to us, the first contact is made within one day of the account being placed into the system. A federal disclosure notice is sent and then the calls and investigation begins. In the case that a client has no current information such as, current address or phone number of the debtor, we will be able to send that account to our skip tracing department. Our people will work hard to find out the current information and contact this person about the debt that they owe.

In the case that the person does not respond to the phone calls, then there can be onsite visits to talk with them about what is going to happen next. Businesses that want to know what is happening with any account, can log on at any time and find out to up to date information about what the debt collection agency is doing. This is a great way for businesses to watch  the money that is owed to them, and they will know  how much work is being done on their accounts.

Pioneer Capital Solutions offers several other types of business debt collections as well, and you can stop by  anytime for more information. Those who need the money that is owed to them can trust our company to get it back for them, while they are free to run their businesses. Most businesses don't have the time to run around and chase the people who still owe them a balance, but this company has a combined 45 years of experience getting this done. Even if a business doesn't know the current location of a client, this debt collection agency will find them fast and get the money that they owe. This can help you to increase bottom line.

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